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Read our latest progress report covering international dynamics, sector trends and the outlook for 2018/2019.

Today, organizational structures, collaborative working methods and even sectors themselves are evolving rapidly. The business world is changing and it is more crucial than ever to get job mobility right. At Lincoln, we innovate without ever losing sight of our responsibility to the world we live in, to support businesses and talents differently. We make job mobility less stressful and more enriching.



汇集众多专家、管理者和领导者,每个灵格成员都为招聘的顺利进行和企业长期的效绩而努力。   2016年业务持续增长 2016年,灵格业绩保持强劲的增长势头,达到 18%,即1250万欧元的服务酬金,营业收入超过1500万欧元。卓越的表现真实体现了灵格团队的服务质量和效率。 2017年,人才市场宏观经济前景积极,公司继续深化改革,我们有信心在人才招募、国际人才流动和领导力开发方面进行越来越多的投资。  ...